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Body contouring at institute of anti-aging

Feel as good as you look, and look as good as you feel!

know before you go:

Eliminate Fat

Uses controlled cooling to target and eliminate unwanted fat in
treated areas by up to 25% each session

Non-invasive, permanent fat-reduction with no downtime
FDA-cleared to treat 9 different areas

Tone Muscle:

Uses magnetic muscle stimulation to induce powerful muscle contractions
50% more magnetic intensity than competitors
FDA-cleared to treat 3 muscle groups

Time: 35 Minutes per treatment area

Duration: Permanent. We recommend 2 treatments schedules 4-6 weeks apart for coolsculpting and 4 treatments
in a 2 week period CoolTone, with option for maintanance treatments

Investment: $$-$$$

Results: CoolScupting Gradual. Results begins in 4-6 weeks with continued improvements in following
months. CoolTone: Results are visible after the first series of treatments.

Why institute of anti aging?

Founded in 1997, we are the original anti-aging medical spa.

Are you struggling with pockets of stubborn fat that just won’t
budge or are you looking to tone and strengthen specific
muscle groups? When diet and exercise aren’t enough,
CoolSculpting, CoolTone and the experts at Institute of Anti
Aging can take your results further.

We’ve been specializing in comprehensive weight loss
programs for more than 25 years! Experience, training and a
customized approach matter. Our certified providers know
how to customize your treatment plan based on your goals
to permanently reduce fat and increase muscle tone without
surgery or downtime.

Where can coolsculpting®treat

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