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Immunity Drip


IV Vitamin Drip (Vitamin C)


The Immunity drip contains the potent antioxidant, Vitamin C, which has been known for its diverse uses in health promotion and disease prevention. Vitamin C not only boosts your immune system to help fight off viruses and colds, but also helps restore collagen production resulting in healthier, brighter, smoother skin.


Fortifies immune system and detoxifies cells by eliminating free radicals that can cause damage. Double dose of vitamin C, B-complex, zinc and a high dose of the antioxidant glutathione. Recovery from acute illness, colds and flu, allergies and general malaise. Immunity boost for parents, travelers, teachers and caregivers exposed to illness. Many patients report feeling their best with bi-monthly (twice a month) IV treatments, sometimes even more. If feeling sick/under the weather, recommend getting treated as soon as symptoms begin.


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