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Revision Skincare BodiFirm™ 3.8 oz.


A Revolution In Topical Body Sculpting. Breakthrough body contouring lotion for firmer, more toned-looking skin.


NEW! BodiFirm™ – Because skin on the body is fundamentally different from skin on the face and décolletage, we created BodiFirm™, the first Revision Skincare product specifically formulated to address skin concerns on the body. This clinically-proven formula with patent-pending iFirm™ Technology was designed to help visibly firm, tighten and lift sagging, crepey skin in order to sculpt and tone the body.
97% of subjects showed an improvement in the appearance of skin crepiness**
90% of subjects showed an improvement in the appearance of skin elasticity**
90% of subjects showed an improvement in skin moisturization**
83% of subjects showed an improvement in the appearance of photo-damaged skin**

*Revision Skincare® products are not intended for use on broken skin and should only be used once skin has fully healed following your procedure.

**Based on results of a clinical assessment, n=40 women ages 40-60, after 12 weeks of twice daily use of BodiFirm™ on the upper arm. Data on file. Results may vary.

An All-Over Approach to Healthy, Beautiful Skin.

Using patent-pendingiFirm™ Technology and a unique, body-specific blend of ingredients, BodiFirm™ can help you achieve theappearance of firmer, more toned-looking skin on your arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

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