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Sometimes, keeping up a skincare routine can only do so much. Even though you are using the best skincare products, you may not be able to obtain that beautiful glowing skin you see all over social media. You’ve tried cleansing, toning, and moisturizing continuously, but the wrinkles keep forming and the acne scars are still not going away.

This doesn’t mean that you should just give up. Your skin renews itself every four weeks, so you just have to trust your natural body process. That being said, by speeding up the process, you can obtain even better results much faster. A VI peel can help you with that, allowing you to look more youthful and with flawless skin.

What Is a VI Peel?

A VI peel is a medium-depth chemical peel that goes through your epidermal skin layer and reaches down into your dermis. Like other chemical peels, this treatment will exfoliate your skin while increasing the production of collagen. As a result, the procedure can help improve skin texture, reduce aging signs, and fix pigmentation problems.

A VI peel contains a series of ingredients, each with its specific purpose:

VI peels are gentle enough to be used on various areas of your body, even the sensitive ones. This includes your face, eyelids, chest, back and hands. It can also be used on any skin tone or type without any issues. A personalized consultation with the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa providers will help you determine the best type of ingredients needed to reach your aesthetic goals.

How a VI Peel Can Help

Here are some of the conditions that a VI peel can help you with:

Glowing Skin With a VI Peel

VI peels can offer various benefits, from reducing your wrinkles to clearing out pigmentation spots. Regular treatments can help you obtain that flawless skin that you’ve always been dreaming of. Contact the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa and set up an appointment for a VI peel to enjoy the advantages it comes with.


For more information about the VI peel, you can contact the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa at 832-263-8681. We will offer you all the information that you need so that you can make an informed decision. As an alternative, you can get in touch via the online contact form and we can help you set up an appointment.

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