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In 2019, as a result of a higher influx of BOTOX® Cosmetic orders, Allergan announced National BOTOX® Day. Usually taking place between the 10th and the 20th of November, the day aims to celebrate BOTOX® Cosmetic users as they prepare for the winter holidays.

This year, BOTOX® Cosmetic Day falls on the 15th of November, which is a little over one month before Christmas. On this date, you can enjoy various BOTOX® Cosmetic promotions that can help you look more youthful and rejuvenated. Read our blog and find out why you should choose BOTOX® Cosmetic this month.

What Is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an injectable made from botulinum toxin A, a neurotoxin that can temporarily block the nerve signals going into your muscles. When administered by a professional in a purified form and in smaller quantities, BOTOX® Cosmetic reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

When injected, a BOTOX® Cosmetic injection can block signals that cause your facial muscles to contract (i.e., when you smile, squint, or frown). Since you will no longer be performing those movements, your face becomes smoother. The treatment can be used for different cosmetic procedures, including:

BOTOX® Cosmetic is not a dermal filler, which means that it may not be that useful if you are looking for more volume and plumpness. However, if you have wrinkles caused by excessive muscle movement and are happy with your facial shape, BOTOX® Cosmetic can help you regain your youth. Its effect can last for three to five months, after which you can get a touch-up.

Benefits of National BOTOX® Day

BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments can be beneficial during any time of the year, allowing you to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. That being said, here are some reasons why you should consider getting these injections on National BOTOX® Cosmetic Day:

1. Free Gift Card

Gift cards are a great way to show your appreciation, both for your loved ones and for your skin. These cards can be purchased at any time from Allergan but doing it on National BOTOX® Cosmetic Day can bring extra benefits. On the 15th of November only, when you buy one BOTOX® Cosmetic gift card for $50, you will receive the second one for free. You may choose to gift it to your loved ones or use it yourself once you are due a maintenance treatment!

2. Double Points

Whenever you get a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, Allergan allows you to earn points that you may use for future purchases. However, in November, those points are doubled, allowing you to earn even more. The offer is only valid between the 1st and the 30th of November, so make sure to schedule your treatments during that time.

3. Chance to Win

When you get a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment in November, you become eligible to win $25,000. Five lucky winners are chosen this month, and all it takes is one session where you receive the injectable. This chance is awarded to Alle Members, which is why you should go to their website and create an account.

Make the Most of BOTOX® Cosmetic Day!

BOTOX® Cosmetic Day can bring a series of benefits to those who choose the procedure this month. Whether you are a new BOTOX® Cosmetic user or have been using it for a while, this is the time for you to schedule a new appointment. Call the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa and set up a visit for the day that works best for you!


For more information about National BOTOX® Cosmetic Day, you can contact the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa at 832-263-8681. We can offer you all the benefits of our practice in Houston, TX. Alternatively, you can use our online contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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