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Summer can be harsh on your skin, especially as the UV rays can cause significant harm. Excessive sun exposure can lead to sun spots and wrinkles, causing you to look more aged than you are. Laser therapy has shown to be highly beneficial in this situation, and a very popular option is the Photofractional™ treatment.


But what exactly is the Photofractional™ laser treatment, and what can it do for you? Can it rejuvenate your skin so that you can confidently go out, sporting youthful skin? What are the benefits of this treatment? Read our blog to find the answers to these questions.

What Is the Photofractional™ Treatment?

The Photofractional™ laser treatment is the kind of technique that you undergo when you want to reduce aging signs but are not quite committed to going under the knife. This treatment involves a non-surgical option for you to rejuvenate your skin and reduce imperfections. 

The Photofractional™ treatment combines two of the best technologies to reduce early aging signs: non-ablative skin resurfacing (ResurFX) and intense pulsed light treatment (IPL). It comes with minimal downtime, making it the right option if you cannot take too many days off from work. In fact, most patients can return to their daily routines right away.

The IPL part of the Photofractional™ treatment can break down pigment underneath your skin, helping you get rid of imperfections such as age spots, sun spots, and many more. On the other hand, the ResurFX technology can stimulate elastin and collagen production. Not only can this help decrease the look of wrinkles, but it can also reduce sagging skin and stretch marks.

The Photofractional™ treatment is usually used on the imperfections of the face. However, it can work just as well on your chest, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. It will dramatically improve the appearance of your skin so that you can feel confident no matter what!

What Can the Photofractional™ Laser Help With?

The Photofractional™ treatment is seen by many as the ultimate skin solution for summer, as it takes care of various issues caused by the sun. Here is what this treatment can do for you:

The Photofractional™ treatment is highly versatile and can work for patients of all ages. Not only is it a skin resurfacing option for reducing imperfections such as spots or acne, but it can also be used for sagging skin. The resurfacing effect promotes the production of collagen, making Photofractional™ a good laser treatment for skin tightening.

What to Expect After the Treatment?

After the Photofractional™ treatment, it is normal to experience a series of side effects. The symptoms can include mild swelling and redness, which should go away within the next five days, give or take. You may also notice some slight skin flaking within the next three days, which is a result of your skin resurfacing. However, this is a good thing because it means the dead skin cells are shedding off. 

You should refrain from staying in direct sunlight for the next few weeks, so if you’ve had a pool or beach outing in mind, you may want to reschedule. Also, make sure to apply sunblock every two hours, so that your skin stays protected. Keep in mind that your skin may be slightly sensitive to heat and sweating at this point, so stay away from saunas, hot showers, or intensive exercise. If you want to burn a few calories, simply opt for some walking.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are choosing it as a skin-prepping technique for summer or a post-summer skin procedure, the Photofractional™ treatment can be a very useful tool in your arsenal. It can reduce various skin imperfections, making you feel confident in your own body. Book an appointment for a Photofractional™ treatment with the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa and enjoy the benefits!

For more information about the Photofractional™ laser treatment, you can contact the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa at 713-807-1000. We are more than happy to answer all your questions. You can also use our online contact form to schedule an appointment with us.

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