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Institute of Antiaging Weight Loss Programs

  • Genetic Weight Loss Program
  • HCG Weight Loss
  • IV Therapy
  • Menopause and Weight Gain



Genetic weight loss program

Know more & live better


  • Genetic blood testing – over 75 genetic diet, nutrition and lifestyle markers.
  • Comprehensive Blood Work; CMP, TSH, HgbA1C.
  • Initial Appointment with Dr. Richard LeConey.
  • Prescription Appetite Suppressants (short term, if needed).
  • Personalized Diet & Exercise Plan.
  • One Weight Loss Shot Included.
  • Weight Loss BMI Tracking.

Additional Fees

  • Monthly Follow Up with Nurse, if appetite suppressant is prescribed, for tracking of BMI and Vital Signs.
  • Required Follow Up appointments : 6 months and annually to monitor patient progress.
  • Any additional labs ordered at Dr.’s request prior to 6 month and annual follow up.

The Pathway Fit Nutrigenomic profile provides you with an individualized report with powerful information to help you understand how your genetics and lifestyle affect your body. With your genetic information, we are able to gain insights into how your body processes sugars, fats, nutrients and vitamins. You can also learn how your genes might affect how you perceive specific foods and how they may influence eating behaviors. This test will also screen for muscle potential, showing you how your body responds to specific exercises, as well as your chances of losing weight and potential to maintain a healthy weight.

Start living smarter, not harder!


Individualized 40 day Weight Loss Program

If you’re someone who has struggled with losing weight or keeping weight off, the hCG diet is safe and effective way to shed those unwanted pounds fast and start living the life you want!


  • Comprehensive Blood Work; CMP, TSH, HgbA1C.
  • Initial Appointment with Dr. Richard LeConey.
  • 40 day HCG Prescription.
  • Personalized Low Calorie Eating Plan.
  • One Weight Loss Shot Included.
  • Weekly Weight Loss BMI Tracking and weekly HCG supply (required).

Additional Fees

  • Any additional labs ordered at Dr.’s request prior to finishing the 40 day program.
  • Optional to restart hCG diet after the 3 week stabilization phase (if applicable).

What is HCG and how does it work?

HCG ( Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), It is a pro-hormone that is produced by all individuals, men and women alike. Elevated levels of the hormone helps boost your metabolism and enables your body to release stored fat for use as the primary energy source.

HCG Diet Benefits:

  • Increase your body’s ability to burn fat naturally.
  • Reduced appetite.
  • Improved energy.
  • Quick & safe weight loss.
  • Promotes healthy life changes.
With this 40 day Weight Loss Program you can get FAST results that
MOTIVATES a healthier lifestyle.


Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

is a potent antioxidant that increases extracellular collagen production and is important for proper immune cell functioning. Without proper levels of Vitamin C, free radicals damage the collagen necessary for cell wall growth. This affects ligaments, blood vessels, collagen and causes chronic pain, suppressed immune, skin dryness and wrinkles.

  • Provides antioxidant protection
  • Restores appropriate nerve function
  • Protects the body from oxidative stress
  • Anti-viral / Anti-Cancer / Anti-histamine aid


Is an antioxidant that aids in protecting the cells of the body from harmful toxins. It reduces the effects of free radical responsible for skin pigmentation and blemishes. It also plays a crucial role in the detoxification process that neutralizes drugs, chemicals, radiation, metabolic waste and other toxins and carcinogens.

  • Increases immune response
  • Promotes DNA repair
  • Detox vital organs
  • Aids treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
  • Protect against free radical damage

Myers Cocktail

Is one of the more commonly known vitamin therapies and is sometimes referred to as the “Wellness” cocktail. It consist of Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C, Complex B Vitamins and additional B12. The nutrients work by restoring your body with minerals, different anti-oxidants, electrolytes to bring your body back into equilibrium, maximizing your productivity, leaving you feeling healthy and refreshed.

  • Decrease stress levels and promotes relaxation.
  • Assist adrenal hormone production.
  • Destroys histamine, allergies & asthma
  • Increases overall energy and stamina
  • Great for maintenance and keeps your body in balance.

Vitamin B Complex

This refers to all the known essential water-soluble vitamins except for vitamin C. These include Thiamine (vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Niacin (Vitamin B3), Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5), Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), Biotin (B7), Folic Acid (B9) and the Cobalamins (B12). These essential nutrients all carry a complex structure and perform unique functions in the human body. Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and Biotin participate in different aspects of energy production. Vitamin B5 aids in the production of sex and stress related hormones, like testosterone. Vitamin B6 is essential for amino acid metabolism. Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid facilitate steps required for cell division and repairs DNA.


Energy Drip «B Complex with Additional B12»

The Energy drip is a quick way to feel more energized and improve mental clarity. High doses of B vitamins work together to accelerate the process your body uses to convert food in fuel, allowing you to stay energized throughout the day. Also, these B vitamins support healthy red blood cells and help iron create the oxygen carrying protein, hemoglobin.

Immunity Drip «Vitamin C»

The Immunity drip contains the potent antioxidant, Vitamin C, which has been known for its diverse uses in health promotion and disease prevention. Vitamin C not only boost your immune system to help fight off viruses and colds, but will help restore collagen production resulting in healthier, brighter, smoother skin.

Detox Drip «Glutathione»

Wellness and balance are keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Detox drip contains high doses of Glutathione to help your body naturally repair cell damage and cleanse vital organs. Increasing Glutathione levels is not only a smart move for health maintenance but also an effective anti-aging therapy by working from the inside out to soften wrinkles, illuminate skin and help skin’s natural radiance to return.

Anti-Aging Drip «Vitamin C & Glutathione»

The Anti-Aging drip delivers high doses of master anti-oxidants Glutathione and Vitamin C, restoring hydration to your skin and reversing effects of free radical damage. Free radicals cause oxidative destruction to the collagen in our skin leading to pigmentation issues, dull complexion, wrinkles and accelerated aging. This drip allows for us to help prevent and reverse these symptoms resulting in a younger rejuvenated look.

Wellness Drip «Myers : Vitamin C, B Complex, Calcium, Magnesium & Additional B12»

The Myers drip contains a variety of nutrients that works together to help balance your body and support your system. This drip can maximize health, relieve stress, increase energy and give you a sense of overall well-being. Formulated more than 30 years ago this drip has recently grown in popularity for being known as the “Party Drip” by improving symptoms associated with hangovers, enhancing athletic performance, improving wound healing, and many other positive effects on the body.


Menopause and Weight Gain:

Maintaining proper weight is a challenge for people of all ages. However, the older you get, the more difficult it can be. It has been found that 90% of women experience weight gain between the ages of 35 and 55, not coincidentally, during perimenopause and Menopause. While nutrition, exercise and lifestyle are critical elements to weight loss, balancing your hormones after the imbalance that perimenopause and menopause caused, is vital to your success in maintaining a healthier weight. Hormones and weight gain are closely related, if your hormones are not balanced, you can gain weight, especially with too much cortisol or too little progesterone, testosterone or estrogen.

The average weight gain is gradual, about 10 to 15 pounds starting in perimenopause and averaging to about a pound a year. However, women who experience early menopause as a result of surgical menopause (hysterectomy) tend to gain the weight at an even more accelerated pace. Menopause weight gain, thanks to the androgen hormone, tends to be located on your abdomen as opposed to your hips, thighs, or rear.

Hormones and Weight Gain

The hormone fluctuations in peri-menopause and menopause directly impact your appetite, fat storage, and metabolism. Hormones and weight gain go hand in hand. So, menopause weight gain is actually hormone weight gain.


It is common for estrogen levels to diminish during menopause causing cessation of ovulation. The decreased production of estrogen by the ovaries causes a woman’s body to search for other sources of estrogen. Another source of estrogen is fat cells, so your body learns to convert more calories into fat, in order to increase estrogen production. This means weight gain.


It is also common for progesterone levels to decrease during menopause. Progesterone’s role in weight gain is more deceiving; low levels of the hormone do not actually cause you to gain weight, but instead cause water retention or bloating. This annoying side effect makes you feel heavier and makes your clothes fit tighter.


Testosterone in a women works to build and maintain muscle mass among other things. These muscle cells work to burn calories in your body and cause a higher metabolism. Levels of this hormone decrease during menopause causing the loss of muscle mass and hence result in lower metabolism. This also results in weight gain.

Detox Drip «Glutathione»

Wellness and balance are keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Detox drip contains high doses of Glutathione to help your body naturally repair cell damage and cleanse vital organs. Increasing Glutathione levels is not only a smart move for health maintenance but also an effective anti-aging therapy by working from the inside out to soften wrinkles, illuminate skin and help skin’s natural radiance to return.

Other Causes

Insulin resistance and stress are also responsible for a woman’s difficulty or inability to experience weight loss during menopause. Insulin resistance occurs when a woman’s body incorrectly converts every calorie into fat; this is an extreme case of estrogen correction. Overtime, your body resists the insulin produced in your blood stream and you therefore experience weight gain.


is also a contributing factor to menopause weight gain. High stress puts your body into panic mode, preventing weight loss. Basically, your body begins to store food since stress hormones, namely high levels of cortisol, are telling your body that you will not be eating again for a long time. These stored calories result in weight gain. Stress hormones and weight gain are a common problem among women.

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