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One of the most embarrassing cosmetic issues that many women struggle with is the presence of cellulite on their body. Though physically harmless, cellulite, which is sometimes referred to as “cottage cheese” skin, causes the skin, often on the buttocks, to dimple. While you can try to cover up the skin on your backside, this can keep you from enjoying life, especially if you want to wear a bikini bathing suit or sexy lingerie. So, instead of trying to hide your skin blemishes and miss out on life, why not correct the problem? With QWO® cellulite treatments, you can get the smooth skin and improved confidence in your apperance that you’ve been looking for! But before you make any decisions, here’s some information to let you know more about this revolutionary treatment…

What Does QWO® Do?

QWO® is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that treats moderate to severe cellulite on women’s buttocks. This treatment is made up of enzymes called collagenase, which helps to correct the presence of cellulite on skin by redistributing the fat cells in the target area while also stimulating the production of collagen in the skin. It is this promotion of collagen production that helps to ensure quality and lasting effects from the treatment. While your QWO® results will only last about one year (though some results have been known to last longer, especially with help from maintaining a healthy lifestyle) collagen is responsible for the strength, health, and elasticity in our skin. So, with the new collagen produced because of the QWO® injectable, your body is healing itself and maintaining that healthy appearance. After your QWO® treatment, you will be proud of your smoother skin, with a much reduced presence of cellulite.

What Should I Expect From My QWO® Treatment?

To receive optimal results, you will receive three QWO® treatments, spaced three weeks apart. Many patients are (justifiably) worried about pain during cosmetic treatments, but with QWO®, any pain and discomfort is kept to a minimum. If you choose, a skin-numbing ointment can be applied to the treatment area to ensure that you don’t feel any pain; however, many patients have their QWO® treatments performed without the ointment.

Your QWO® treatment will take less than 20 minutes to perform, which means that you can literally fix your cellulite on your lunch break! For your treatment, you will lie on your stomach while your plastic surgeon marks your treatment areas and then, using a syringe, injects the QWO® solution into the subcutaenous fat on your buttocks. Usually, six to 12 dimples per buttock are treated. Once the injections are finished, you’re done. And while you will have some bruising in the area, and you may feel some tenderness in the injection sites, you will not experience any downtime (and you won’t have to worry about any scarring)!

After your QWO® results settle in, you will find yourself feeling comfortable and confident in your body. You won’t be able to wait to show off your smooth and attractive backside!

For more information about QWO® cellulite treatments, please contact us online or call us at 713-807-1000 to schedule your consultation.

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