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With so many cosmetic procedures and treatments available, choosing the right option can seem overwhelming. This is especially true when you are trying to correct issues on the face. Two of the most common procedures available for the face are dermal fillers and facelift surgery. While both of these options can give you stunning results, returning your face to a smoother, more youthful appearance, it is important to know what each procedure can do and why dermal fillers can often be the smarter choice for your facial contouring needs.

What Is a Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers are minimally invasive cosmetic treatments that are largely made up of hyaluronic acid (HA). One of the leading names in dermal fillers is JUVÉDERM®. This dermal filler can be used to treat skin blemishes in various areas of your body, including the neck and face.
For a JUVÉDERM® treatment, the professionals at the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa will inject the solution into the strategically selected treatment areas of the face. The hyaluronic acid helps to absorb water, allowing skin imperfections (such as wrinkles, fine lines, and even scars) to be erased, leaving you with smooth, supple skin. After your JUVÉDERM® treatment, you’ll be able to smile at your reflection, knowing that you are putting your best face forward.

Why Can JUVÉDERM® Be a Preferred Treatment to Facelift Surgery?

Let’s face it, the idea of surgery can be scary, and plastic surgery is no different. A facelift requires an extensive amount of work, both before and after the procedure. Not only do you have to worry about anesthesia, incisions, sutures, and scars, but you also need to have weeks of downtime to recover. If the prospect of dealing with a surgical procedure worries you, then JUVÉDERM® may be the answer you are looking for. While dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM® are invasive, it is only an injection that you’ll experience rather than a full surgical incision.

After your procedure, whether it be dermal fillers or facelift surgery, you will have a rejuvenated facial appearance that will turn heads for all the right reasons. But before you get to that point, it is important that you ask yourself what you want to put your body and face through to accomplish those results. If you are looking for facial contouring without the hassles of surgery, then let JUVÉDERM® work its magic!

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